Pet Grooming near Cheviot Hills

At West LA Veterinary Group, we know how much you value your pet. There’s nothing in the world that can compare to the love and companionship that our pets give to us. Pets are so much more than just animals; they’re beloved family members. We know that you want the very best for your precious pet, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional veterinary services, including pet grooming near Cheviot Hills.

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About Our Pet Grooming near Cheviot Hills

Our highly-trained groomers are very attentive to your pet’s specific needs and customize their services accordingly. Here’s what you can expect from our professional pet grooming near Cheviot Hills:

  • Eyes lubricated before bathing to avoid irritation
  • Bathing with hypoallergenic and soap-free shampoos
  • Brushing of the fur and removal of any matted areas
  • Sanitary clips
  • Flushing of the ears
  • Anal gland expression
  • Skin treatments and medicated baths, if necessary
Pet Grooming near Cheviot Hills

Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming near Cheviot Hills

Regularly bathing and grooming your pet is a big part of maintaining their overall well-being. Your pet receives a thorough brushing when you bring them in for professional pet grooming near Cheviot Hills. This brushing stimulates the natural oils in your pet’s fur and removes dead hair, dandruff, and debris, resulting in a healthy, shiny coat.

Not only does regular bathing and grooming keep your pet looking and smelling great, it also provides a variety of health benefits. For example, it allows for the early detection of health issues. Our professional groomer is trained to spot signs of health problems such as skin diseases, ear infections, and external parasites. The earlier these problems are detected, the sooner they can be treated.

In addition to offering pet bathing and grooming, we also provide a wide range of other top-notch veterinary services including dental care, laser therapy, and pet surgery. If you’d like to find out more about the services we provide, we invite you to browse through our informative website. To make an appointment or talk to a member of our staff, we can be reached by phone or e-mail.