Pet Diagnostics in West Los Angeles

Diagnostics are critical components of veterinary medicine, and aid in the detection and treatment of illnesses. As part of our diagnostic services, West LA Veterinary Group is equipped with digital radiography for both general and dental X-rays. We also maintain a full in-house diagnostic laboratory that is cutting edge to provide faster results with more accuracy. This helps us provide our patients with immediate and more effective treatment.

Pet X-Rays in Los Angeles

Digital Radiography (X-rays) for Pets

Digital radiography has become the gold standard for how radiographic images are obtained. At West LA Veterinary Group, we offer digital radiography for both general and dental X-rays. Digital X-rays are preferred because they create significantly less radiation to the patient, and no harsh chemicals are used. The digital images produced have better clarity, are ready to view within seconds, and can be shared instantly via email. X-rays are used to asses for many internal conditions that cannot be otherwise detected. Examples include airway disease (e.g., collapsing trachea), pulmonary disease (e.g., pneumonia and bronchitis), fractures (broken bones), joint disease (inflammation and arthritis), congestive heart failure, internal masses/tumors, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, bone loss due to periodontal disease and tooth root abscesses.

Los Angeles Pet Diagnostic Testing

Full In-House Laboratory

With our patients’ well-being in mind, we offer a wide range of diagnostics in our in-house laboratory. These include blood work (CBC, chemistry panels, blood clotting times, etc.), urinalysis, skin and ear cytologies, and fecal exams to check for intestinal parasites. Laboratory testing is not only recommended for our sick patients. Healthy pets can also benefit from routine laboratory testing to help establish baseline values and to address any medical condition early on. Early detection and treatment of disease can significantly improve prognosis. We recommend routine blood work and urinalysis once every six months for our healthy senior patients.